Peru Damian Espinoza

Tastes like: Camomile, Vanilla, Pear

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon

Finca La Palma is owned and operated by Damian Garcia Espinoza. The farm itself is located at a staggering 1800MASL in the district of Chirinis, San Ignacio in the north-east of Peru.

Peru has 10 distinct coffee growing regions, each with typical characteristics. This region is known for sweet coffees with bright acidity and notes of red and yellow fruits.

Damian is a second generation farmer, having land passed down from his parents, he is currently growing 3.5 hectares Caturra and Bourbon and 2.5 hectares of secondary forest on the farm.

He placed 2nd in the 2018 Cup of Excellence with his washed Yellow Caturra scoring 89.85.

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