Mexico Finca Santa Rosa - filter

Hazelnut, brown sugar, pineapple, caramel

Location: Teocelo, Coatepec

Elevation: 1250 MASL

Varieties: Bourbon, CR-95, Marsellesa, Mundo Novo, Typica

Processing: Fully washed 

Olivia Hernandez and Ranulfo Lora Perez own Finca Santa Rosa and tend to its 200,000 coffee trees, all Arabica varieties including Bourbon, CR-95, Mundo Novo, Marsellesa, and Typica. They produce Washed coffees only, with a 30-hour fermentation time after depulping and a 1.5-day drying time on patios. Finca Santa Rosa produces from 180,000–300,000 kilograms of parchment coffee annually, though the farm has struggled wtih loss of yield due to coffee-leaf rust in the past few years.

The couple have been producing coffee for 39 years, and while the area of the farm has remained the same, the density of the coffee plants has increased considerably. Olivia says that coffee is a good represenation of the hard work and effort that the farmers contribute, and they hope to make the best coffees in the area by constantly improving and accepting feedback.